Special Additions

Image by Douglas Lopez

Primo Experience

Tour Temecula Wine Country like royalty and upgrade your private wine tour to our Primo Package to enjoy an array of upscale services such as:


  • Exclusive winery options 

  • Sit down hosted tastings

  • Reserved table and Sommelier

  • Wineries of your choice

Private Picnic

Complete your wine tasting experience with a private brunch or lunch picnic during your tour. You will be provided an array of delicious foods prepared and displayed beautifully for you and your party to enjoy. It’s the perfect way to delight in the beautiful scenery, enjoy the company you are with, and curb your appetite. 

Vertical WineTasting

During your private wine tour with us through Temecula Valley Wine Country, make sure to incorporate a vertical wine tasting. 

This particular type of tasting allows you to enjoy your favorite type of wine, from your favorite winery, throughout the past years. It is truly a unique experience that we enjoy offering to our clients. 


Guided Wine Pairing Class

Make the very best of your wine touring experience by beginning with our guided wine and food pairing class. This unique addition starts at your Airbnb or your luxury resort with an educational wine and food pairing explaining the wine making process, the history of Temecula wine country, and it’s wines. Each wine has it's own distinct properties that often work better in contrast to or in line with certain foods. This educational experience and the knowledge you gain from it, will help enhance your wine tasting experience throughout your private luxury wine tour at the different wineries.

Behind The Scenes Tour

One of the many perks you can add onto your private luxury wine tour as you visit Temecula Wine Country, is a private behind the scenes tour.  

With a behind the scenes tour you will enjoy an excursion through the vineyards, the grounds, and production room. You will have the pleasure of participating in a barrel room tasting as well as wine tasting. During your tour you will learn about the vineyard’s history, it’s ground, the process in which the wines are made, as well as the different varieties of wines the vineyard has to offer. A behind the scenes tour is truly a unique experience and is always highly recommended by our previous clients. When booking your private tour with us, make sure to mention you are interested in a behind the scene tour and we will be happy to make all of the arrangements.

Vineyard Proposal

Asking the one you love to marry you is an exciting and unforgettable moment. Why not make it one of the grandest experiences ever by popping the question while

spending a romantic day touring the beautiful wineries of Temecula Valley. Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking….how would I pull that off? Well, we’ve got you covered! With our proposal add on, we plan all of the small details and do all of the organizing for you, creating the perfect romantic atmosphere to pop the question. 


This exclusive experience is available at selected Temecula wineries with different options to choose from. For capturing your special moment, make sure to let us know you would like us to book and arrange for one of our local photographers to be there as well. 

Brunch | Lunch

Dining In The Vines

Join us for a morning or afternoon of wine country magic as we nestle you into your own private lunch or brunch dining experiences in the vines at Akash Winery & Vineyards. This unique experience includes either a Bruch or Lunch option, your very own server pouring your tastings, and a private setting for you and your closest. Includes:

Server Presenting Each Wine


A Brunch or Lunch Option from

Boards and Baskets


A Private Decorated Setting to Enjoy Your Wine & Meal

*Depending on group size, pricing may vary. Please call for pricing  details.

$123.10 Per Person

Includes Tax & Gratuity 

*Depending on group size, pricing may vary. Please call for pricing  details.

Evening Graze

Small Bites In The Vines

Evening Graze is an exclusive experience and it is the perfect way to end your day of wine touring. This family style table full of mouth watering shrimp, chicken & steak skewers, charcuterie, nuts, Crostini’s, a variety of fruits & vegetables along with dips, sauces, olives, fresh green salads, and of course delicious wine from Akash Winery, is prepared by Boards and Baskets and is enjoyed in the beautiful vines of

Akash Winery. Your private & beautifully decorated table is setup for you and your guest upon arrival and offers you the flexibility of self services to enjoy your small bites and wine at your own pace. 

Please Call 

For Pricing Details

*Depending on group size, pricing may vary.

4 Course Meal

Dining In The Vines

This experience is held exclusively in the vines of Akash Winery. It is the perfect way to conclude your relaxing and luxurious day of wine touring. Dining in the Vines offers a picturesque dinner table beautifully decorated and set for you and your guest to enjoy a full 4 course dinner. During your experience, you will receive fine dining services and enjoy the taste of some of the finest wines from Akash Winery as you delight in the presence of good friends and beautiful scenery. This package includes:

Sommelier Presenting Each Wine


Private Chef Presenting the Meals


Beautifully Decorated Private Dining Table Secluded in the Vines


A Glass of Wine Paired with Each Meal

$383.48  Per Person | For up to 6 people


$291.50   Per Person | For 7 + People

Includes Tax & Gratuity